Consonant Challenge, Interspeech 2008



The speech material

A description of the material can be found on the Description of the materials page.

The .zip files of both sets of test material and the development material contain seven directories, named testsetX and devsetX where X is the number referring to the number associated with the type of noise in the table on the Description of the materials page. In addition to this, also contains seven directories named testsetXp. These contain a small number of practice stimuli, which can be used in the perceptual experiments to give the listeners a small practice session. If you are not running perceptual experiments, you can ignore these directories. Finally, the and also contain six files named testsetX_offsets.dat and devsetX_offsets.dat. These are (MATLAB) files showing the offsets of each of the VCVs into the noise. People building ASR systems are not allowed to use these data.

Phoneme segmentation data

The models of the MFCC-based baseline recognition system (click here for a description of the model set) were used to create phoneme segmentations of the clean test data using forced alignment.

Warning: Everyone is invited to use these segmentations but should be warned that they are not 'perfect' segmentations. If you obtain better segmentations and if you would like to share these please send them to the organisers via e-mail and we will post them on this website.


Last updated: March 6th, 2008